Upon contemplation,
the simple becomes complex,
and the complex becomes simple.

In my paintings I explore the relationship between complexity and simplicity. I make pared-down compositions that, upon close inspection, become complex due to layers of colour and texture.

I begin my sculptures with a specific place or idea in mind, but as the work continues the sculpture evolves into a composition in its own right. The aim of the work shifts to making a sculpture that has balance and grace.

I play with the push and pull of opposing visual elements by contrasting straight forms with curved ones, areas of light with those that are dark, and balancing the parts that are defined with others that are ambiguous.

I am captivated by colour: by the contrast between adjacent colours, and the complexity within a colour. Regardless of the subject or media, I create colour in layers, often with texture. This allows me to deconstruct and reassemble the colour. I choose my subjects according to the colours and composition they offer.


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