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 Abstract Art

Explorations in Abstract Art:
Art History Seminar and Painting Workshop

Explore abstract art with art historian, Carolyn Young, and artist, Nicole Waddick. Spend the morning with Carolyn and get inspired by some of the twentieth century's greatest artists (Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian...). Carolyn will demystify the fundamentals of early abstraction (before 1950) and introduce early abstract artist, Sonia Delaunay, whose work embraced colour juxtaposition as a means of conveying light and motion. In the afternoon, learn how to apply the techniques of Delaunay using acrylics with Nicole Waddick and create your own abstract painting that expresses your memories and sensations from a specific place or event. This workshop is suitable to all painting levels.


One Day Workshop
10 am to 4 pm, March 29th, 2014


$85 ($72 for WCAC Members)
refer to class code #37


519-886-4577 or in person at
Waterloo Community Arts Centre
in the
Button Factory
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo





Below are descriptions of some of Nicole's past workshops. Contact Nicole for information on workshops or to inquire about arranging one.

 Acrylic Painting
Learn about the wide range of options of this versatile medium.
Dramatic Tone & Vibrant Colour
Six-Week Workshop   

Learn a variety of ways to use contemporary art materials to reinvent the old masters' technique of applying transparent glazes over a monochromatic underpainting. Learn step-by-step about acrylic mediums and pigments; colour mixing; different painting surfaces; how to make smooth gradations; and combining acrylics with charcoal, conté and pastels. Suitable for all subjects and skill levels.

 Art Classes for Youth

Printmaking without a Press
Four-Week Workshop
for Youth

Learn two methods for making monotype prints without using a printing press. One method uses watersoluable coloured pencils and crayons. The second methods uses slow-drying acrylic paint.Learn to use a solvent (non-toxic alkyd resin) with coloured pencils to make drawings in less time than making a traditional coloured pencil drawing..

Improve your drawing skills and develop your own unique style.
Drawing Fundamentals
6-Week Workshop
With careful observation, and playful experimentation, improve your drawing skills using charcoal, graphite pencil and conté. This 6-week workshop is for the inexperienced and for those looking for a refresher.

6 to 8 pm
Mondays, November 11th to December 16th, 2013
6:15 to 8:15 pm
Thursdays, November 14th to December 19th, 2013


Waterloo Community Arts Centre at the
Button Factory
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo


$110 for WCAC members / $125 for non-members, materials not included

Call 519-886-4577and
refer to class code #30
 Coloured Pencil Drawing
Coloured Pencil Techniques with Mixed Media
Morning Workshop
Learn to combine coloured pencils with other media to make images in less time than with the pencils alone. Learn to take advantage of the unique properties of coloured pencils to make soft gradations, hard edges and crisp lines. Use coloured pencils with soft pastels, oil pastels and alkyd resin to make painterly drawings. This class is suitable to all artistic levels. Most materials required for the class are included in the workshop fee.

Date to be announced


Creative Enterprise Initiative Studios
42 Erb Street
East, Waterloo


$42.50 plus HST, includes materials

519-744-7366 or

Painting with Soft Pastels
Learn about making pastel "paintings" with soft pastels. Learn about the different effects possible using a variety of papers and grounds. Use the pastels in combination with water to make watercolour-like paintings. Different ways to mix colours and create tonal values will be covered.
 Problem Solving and Technique

What to Do When You Hit the Wall

Do you have an artwork that you can't figure out how to finish? A technical problem building an artwork? Not sure how to put an application or show together? The Options workshop offers constructive feedback on your artwork, solutions for you to try and art technique demonstrations that are customized to the needs of the class.

 Watercolour Painting

Painting with Watercolours
Eight Week Workshop

Discover the unique capabilities of watercolour. Learn about pigments, mixing colours, different papers and brushes. Get tips on how to paint the subjects that interest you. Options for combining watercolour with other media will be introduced. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills.




Below are descriptions of some of Nicole's past art lectures. Contact Nicole for information on art lectures or to inquire about arranging one.


Medalta Artist Residency

Nicole's presentation about her time as an artist in residence at the Shaw International Ceramic Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta in July 2011. The Medalta International Artists in Residence program brings together artists with different practices, stages career , ages and education in a state-of-the-art studio.

The Language and Process of Evaluating Art:
Understanding the Artspeak of Critiques & Decision-Making by Juries

Expand your knowledge of the language used to evaluate art and learn how art is selected by a jury. Learn how the critique process can be positive and that decisions by juries, although often unpredictable, are not entirely subjective.



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